Server for DAOC Platinum | Compassion on all creatures

The same holds true for planetary positions which are conducive opportunities only. Water filled in a canal after passing through a gutter built nearby comes out from it but this shall happen only if the canal has water. If there is no water and the canal is dry you may build many pipes/gutters near it but no water shall reach gardens or fields in the vicinity. Many people of the same Zodiac Sign face the god/bad Dasha (condition) of the same planet at the same time yet all of them do not get joy/sorrow of the same type. The reason being that there exist differences as far as the good/bad Karmas gathered over past lifetimes by these people. On its own planetary positions do not harass or give prizes to anyone without any rhyme or reason. Ere this had happened magnanimity, supremacy, same sightedness and sense of justice would not remain balanced in Almighty God. If this were the case Dark Age of Camelot Platinum demigods would be called insane who without any cause metes out strife to everyone or would be called fools who without differentiating those who are deserving or not dole out joyous comforts to one and all. In reality the condition or state of planetary deities is not so demeaned. For them all creatures are equal. Since they are divine they pour compassion on all creatures.

To attain these non-ordinary realities it only takes three or four people to agree upon them. As an artist you need to do a couple of freebies that result in a printed medium or a piece that is hanged in a respected place for others to be willing to pay you. But it first starts by not saying you will be an artist, but by breathing as one as you say I am. For when you become your own ego it is like you becoming your own god. For Yahweh means, I am. But to share this reality you must agree that every one else is a god as well. But to do this, the only way of receiving our new worlds is by doing. Just do it, But the action comes through rigorous reality adjusting changes to your life. It could start by wearing new clothes, taking a new way to work, changing your Buy cheap DAOC Platiunm hours, visiting new places, or changing some small habits. These things should be performed arbitrary with no set ideas of which ones to change. That will stimulate your left brained thinking. This will help you balance the art of your life with that that can only be felt with the concrete reality which can be touched and qualified. For no system is the last word to anything. So nothing should be held so sacred that it can not be brought to change.

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